11/07/08 4.17.05 – Development release update

  • Fixed crash when releasing a ChannelGroup that had a DSP unit attached to it.
  • Fixed sounds with tag data ending early when loaded from memory.
  • Fixed possible rare hang when playing mpeg data.

  • Event API – Fixed FMOD_ERR_FILE_BAD when loading events with disabled effects

  • Event API – Fixed various problems with simple events
  • Event API – Fixed registerMemoryFSB to work with streamed wavebanks

  • Linux – Fixed init error due to ALSA device enumeration and made ALSA device
    arguments more robust.

  • Linux64 – Added missing fmodlinux.h file to release.
  • PS3 – Fixed rare buzzing sound when there are a lot of virtual voices
    swapping in and out in.

  • PS3 – Now built with SDK 240.001

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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I’ve just upgraded from 4.13.04 to 4.17.05.

The only trouble I have is with the mp3 output plugins (and my own). It crashed inside System->init, and it is reproducible with the [i:3i67o418]useplugins[/i:3i67o418] example by selecting ‘FMOD MP3 Output’.

Is it a bug from the 4.17.05 release or my app ?


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It looks like there was a bug in the mp3 output plugin, there was a null pointer dereference.

You can fix it yourself or wait for the next release. The fix is as follows:

outputmp3_state *state = output->plugindata;
DWORD dwRead=0;
DWORD dwWrite=0;
DWORD dwDone=0;
DWORD dwFileSize=0;
BE_ERR err;

     Add the below code for the fix.
if (!state)
    return FMOD_OK;


This bug surfaced due to the fact that the behaviour of FMOD changed recently, it now calls the close callback on the plugin before init.

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Cool, I will try to fix my own output plugin with that.


EDIT: Works like a charm now 😀

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