I’m currently trying to develop a media player with multizone support, touchscreen interface etc. for my own home and so far FMOD has been great as the audio engine. I have hovever run into some trouble with playing WMA files.

I’m running an application on a server (it is a forms application, since I have run into trouble getting FMOD to run as a service successfully). This application publishes an object (where an FMOD system object have been created) with the help of remoting. When I connect to this remoting service I have no problems with playing mp3 files, streaming radio from the internet etc. as long as it is not in WMA format, because then I get an error.

The error I get is:
FMOD error! ERR_COM – A Win32 COM related error occured. COM failed to initialize or a QueryInterface failed meaning a Windows codec or driver was not installed properly.

I have put together a test application where this error is reproduced and it can be found http://hem.passagen.se/mattiasg/RemotingTest.zip (please copy/paste the link location since it doesn’t work to directly link to the file for some reason). The application contains two projects, RemotingTest which creates the remoting server and RemotingClient which connects to the remoting server. Both applications contains a button to play an included WMA file, the RemotingTest application can play the WMA file (it doesn’t connect to the object with remoting but instead uses the object directly). The RemotingClient application tries to play the WMA file with remoting and fails…

Thankful for help or suggestions…


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