25/07/08 4.16.07 – Stable release update

  • Event API – Added ‘type’ to FMOD_EVENT_WAVEBANKINFO to determine if it is load
    into memory, stream, decompress into memory.

  • Fix user FMOD_2D sound mode being ignored in favour of mode stored in the FSB.

  • Fix support for multichannel FSB files causing static / crash if
    System::setSoftwareChannels wasn’t called with a high enough input channel
  • Fixed small performance issue when seeking within MPEG encoded FSB file.
    Should avoid dma thrashing on ps3.
  • Fixed stall when calling System/Channel::getSpectrum.

  • Xbox 360 – Fixed seek tables getting corrupted when opening the same FSB more
    than once. This could lead to seek times being very high, incorrect and ‘buzzing’
    noises due to the mixer being stalled.

  • PS3 – Fixed rare case where volume will double up for a while when a sound
    is played and others go virtual.
  • PS3 – Fixed paused sounds taking up excessive DSP time.
  • PS3 – Fixed Channel::setDelay() with FMOD_DELAYTYPE_DSPCLOCK_END not working.
  • PS3 – Added small stalls around RSX DMA transfers to fix the issue of audio
    crackling and dropouts in PS3 SDK 240.
  • PS3 – Fixed buzzing sound when stopping a single channel introduced in previous

  • Event API – Stop one shot sounds wrongly retriggering automatically when

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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Did something change in the (web) streaming system – createsound non blocking…

Because this new release really craps out my web streaming application. I can play and stop a few streams but when I return to a stream I previously stopped, especially after a failed connection to another stream, the stream failes to connect… Times out (my time out)


open a play list, rock and metal, start a few at the top and stop them. Then try the second to last… It always fails (i think) because it’s no longer a valid link. When it reports a failure, try to start the previous ones.

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