Any idea how to do that. I am studying cdplayer.cs example and modifying it a little to see a list of songs etc. How can one get this list.

All the help appreciated!

p.s. It is not specifically c# issue but if someone knows how to do it direclty in c# it would be a great help.

I tried with
result = cdsound.getTag("CDTOC", 0, ref tag);
int dl = (int)tag.datalen;
string data = Marshal.PtrToStringAnsi(tag.data, dl);
int ii = data.Length;
byte[] tagdata = new byte[dl];
for (int i = 0; i < dl; i++)
tagdata[i] = Marshal.ReadByte(tag.data, i);
but tagdaga is basically empty. Seems that tag information is not included on a cd by default.

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As far as I know, cd’s don’t contain any information about the sonds or artists, just the music. So you’ll have to get the song information from another source (like freedb.org).

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