20/11/08 4.21.03 – Development branch update.

  • PS3 – Added recording support, with support for recording from multiple mics.
  • iPhone – Ported FMODEx to the iPhone platform, includes support for both the
    device and the simulator.
  • Xbox360 – Updated output mode to use XAudio2 instead of XAudio1 due to XAudio1
    being deprecated soon.
  • Event API – Include geometry occlusion in "Just fail if quietest" audibility
  • Event API – Added FMOD_EVENTPROPERTY_EVENTTYPE. Find out if an event is
    simple or complex at runtime.
  • Event API – Added event property "Steal priority". Events with a lower "Steal
    priority" will never steal events with a higher "Steal priority".
    This is only relevant for simple events when the programmer
    specifies a >0 value for
  • Event API – Added Event::release(). Use this in conjunction with

  • Fixed end of streams being cut off in some cases if FMOD_NONBLOCKING was used.

  • Fixed FMOD_SOUNDGROUP_BEHAVIOR_MUTE not working if previous sounds were paused.
  • Fixed Sound::setMusicChannelVolume/getMusicChannelVolume with MIDI files.
  • Fixed crash/corrutpion in System::release. Introduced in 4.19

  • Event API – Fixed "Just fail if quietest" max playbacks behaviour to use the
    same audibility calculation for all events. This solves some bad
    interactions with geometry, sounddef volume and event fadein that
    could cause oscillations.

  • Event API – Fixed "Steal quietest" max playbacks behaviour to use the same
    audibility calculation as "Just fail if quietest". This solves an
    issue with event fadein where the wrong event could be stolen.
  • Event API – Sounddef’s with the same name, but in different folder are now
    handled correctly.
  • Event API – Fixed reverb not being audible when a dsp effect is added to an

  • PS3 – Fixed Channel::setLoopCount sometimes being ignored.

  • PS3 – Fixed Channel::setPosition sometimes being ignored.
  • Wii – Fixed crash when initialising with FMOD_SPEAKERMODE_MONO.

  • Removed System::setRecordDriver and System::getRecordDriver functions.

  • Extra argument "id" added to System::getRecordPosition/recordStart/recordStop/
    isRecording functions.
  • Symlinks removed from Linux/Linux64/Solaris install makefile, you should
    link directly with the desired version to prevent runtime linker problems
    when new APIs are installed.
  • Event API – Events with "programmer" sounds won’t be made into "simple" events
  • Event API – Event callbacks involving sounddef’s now return the full path name
    as seen in designer tool. This fix is required to handle sounddef’s
    in different folders with the same name.
  • Event API – .FEV file format updated! FMOD Designer 4.21.03 requires FMOD
    version 4.21.03 or higher to use all supported features.

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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