I’ve installed the Fmod SDK for iPhone and can run the examples in the simulator no problem. I’ve gotten the examples to install and run on my iPod Touch up to the point where FMod tries to init, but then it fails. Here’s the log:

[code:3tobf7pf]FMOD: SystemI::init : FMOD Ex Version: 00042104
FMOD: SystemI::init : maxchannels = 32, flags = 00000020, extradriverdata = 0x0
FMOD: SystemI::close :
FMOD: SystemI::close : Stop all sounds
FMOD: SystemI::close : Remove miscllaneous DSP stuff.
FMOD: SystemI::close : done.

FMOD: OutputCoreAudio::init : Initialising...
FMOD: OutputCoreAudio::init : Forcing output format to an acceptable value: PCM16.
FMOD: OutputCoreAudio::init : Forcing dsp buffer length to hardware selected size: 1156.
FMOD: OutputCoreAudio::init : Cannot initialise audio device.
FMOD: OutputCoreAudio::init : Initialisation Failed!
FMOD error! (61) Error initializing output device.[/code:3tobf7pf]

My setup is like this:
iPod Touch (1st & 2nd Gen) both running iPhone OS 2.1.1
XCode 3.1.1
Mac OS 10.5.5
ITunes 8.0.2

The only modification I made to the examples was to change a setting in common.xconfig. Making this change gives me the option to run on the device in XCode. Anything else I need to change?
SDKROOT = iphoneos2.1

Any help appreciated!


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Hmm, it’s hard to say what is causing your problem. Currently the FMOD libs are built using the 2.2 SDK. Perhaps you could try upgrading to the latest SDK?

We haven’t tested on an iPod touch, we test using an iPhone 3G, but there shouldn’t be any problem there, the devices are meant to be compatible. My bet is because we compile against the 2.2 SDK headers and you are probably linking with the 2.1 frameworks there is a conflict.

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Thanks for the reply Matthew.

I’m reluctant to upgrade my dev machine to 2.2 just now as we’re nearing the end of our current project. I’ll have another look at Fmod when we start the next project. It’s great to have it there as an option for sound on the iPhone.

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Hi all,

I have a similar problem.

My app works fine on both the simulator and an iPhone (1st generation) but not on an iPod touch. Meaning I can hear the music on the simul and the iPhone but not on the iPod Touch.

XCode 3.1
SDK iPhone 2.0
iPhone firmware 2.2
iPod firmware 2.1.1

I’ll try upgrading iPod firmware to 2.2 then SDK to 2.2.


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What do you mean when you say it doesn’t work?

Is there a crash? If so can you send us a crash report from the organizer. What does the logging output say on the TTY? Also make sure you are running the latest SDK, which is now 2.2.1, this is what we build with, but we target the 2.0 SDK so it should be compatible with what ever version you wish to ship your app with.

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