I am doing some tests with fMod/XNA and there are some troubles with the C# wrapper. My fmod designer project includes a global reverb. But if i try to access the reverb properties after loading a project i get a EntryPointNotFoundException.

I first thought it was my fault with the designer project or something like this, but i use Dependency Walker to find out the real EntryPoint and set it manually in the Wrapper and like magic it works, but as you can see this is the wrong function.

so i only do that to your fmod_event.cs file:

[DllImport(EVENT_VERSION.dll, EntryPoint="_FMOD_EventSystem_GetReverbPreset@16")] private static extern RESULT FMOD_EventSystem_GetReverbPreset(IntPtr eventsystem, int index, ref REVERB_PROPERTIES prop);

and that in my code:

eventsystem.getReverbPresetByIndex(0, ref reverbProps);

Really strange, i was able to reproduce it several times.

I am not so into C# and the managed code environment, so i do not really understand why it works for other functions but not for those two. I just want let you know about this issue, but it seems there are not many users for the C# wrapper out there or they only use the low-level API.

Is there any chance to get some C# samples for the Event-API?.

And just let me say one final word, i have never seen an API that is so powerful and so easy to implement. Very focused on doing things with it, not learning another API.

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