Hello I’ve been trying to learn how to use the "FMOD Designer api" but I seem to be failing somewhere. What I’ve basiclly done is to use the example that comes with fmod and tried to applie that example to a framwork I’ve been using. I got no problem running/compiling the example, but when i try my own I get this message:

"Unhandled exception at 0x00000000 in FrameworkD.exe: 0xC0000005: Access violation reading location 0x00000000."

This is my Createfunction:

EventSystem         *m_pEventSystem;
EventGroup          *m_pEventGroup;
EventCategory       *m_pMasterCategory;
Event               *m_pCar;
EventParameter      *m_pRPM;
EventParameter      *m_pLoad;
FMOD_RESULT          m_Result;

m_Result = EventSystem_Create(&m_pEventSystem);
m_Result = m_pEventSystem->init(64, FMOD_INIT_NORMAL, 0,    FMOD_EVENT_INIT_NORMAL);
m_Result = m_pEventSystem->setMediaPath("./data/media/");
m_Result = m_pEventSystem->load("examples.fev", 0, 0);
m_Result = m_pEventSystem->getGroup("examples/AdvancedTechniques", FMOD_EVENT_DEFAULT, &m_pEventGroup);
m_Result = m_pEventSystem->getEvent("car", FMOD_EVENT_DEFAULT, &m_pCar);
m_Result = m_pEventSystem->getCategory("master", &m_pMasterCategory);

At the line it crashes: m_pEventSystem->load("examples.fev", 0, 0);

I have no callstack available and I cant figure out why I get this error. have been working all day with this and cant figure anything out, the libs that are needed are linked in and all the files that are nessesary exists, help someone?

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