What’s new: (so far..)
[:1iu1xlkv] PS3 MP3 support now runs through Sony decoder. No more license required for MP3 with FMOD PS3. Also performance boost and lower overhead thanks to this.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Reduce overall memory usage around 100-200kb by using 16bit floats for internal DSP matrix storage (not implemented on PS3 yet).[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Event API – added MusicSystem::setReverbProperties and getReverbProperties to change the wet and dry levels relative to those set in FMOD Designer.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Added mono sound support to ‘3D Speaker spread’, or Channel::set3DSpeakerSpread. Now a mono sound can be spread around the speakers a bit rather than pinpointing a certain speaker location.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] iPhone – added support for setDSPBufferSize.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Phone – improved performance with 3GS.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Wii – Added new function FMOD_Channel_SetControllerSpeakerSubchannel to allow only a particular channel of a stereo or greater sound to be played out of the WiiMote.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Added parameter ramping for DSP Lowpass and DSP Highpass filters to avoid clicking when parameters are suddenly changed.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Added DLS cache for MIDI files, reduces overall memory when multiple MIDIs are loaded with the same DLS file. Also improves load times by avoiding repeated parsing of DLS.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] iPhone – Now compiled as a fat library to improve performance on iPhone 3GS.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Memory_GetStats now has a ‘blocking’ parameter which allows the user to get the memory usage quickly, or accurately.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Added ignoresetfilesystem to FMOD_CREATESOUNDEXINFO structure. Useful for specific cases where you don’t want to use your own file system but want to use fmod’s file system (ie net streaming).[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Improved performance of FMOD Delay DSP effect for all platforms except PS3.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[:1iu1xlkv] Win32 – More efficient semaphore implementation to reduce OS memory overhead.[/:m:1iu1xlkv]
[*:1iu1xlkv] Streams using FMOD_NONBLOCKING now seek/reflush in FMOD_NONBLOCKING thread instead of the stream decode thread. This has the advantage of not stalling other streams that are playing while the seeking stream flushes. Basically it improves sound stability = less stuttering while seeking.

:1iu1xlkv] More stuff coming during development branch phase.[/*:m:1iu1xlkv][/list:u:1iu1xlkv]

This thread is for discussion / bugreports for the current release.
Download the current release from the front page at http://www.fmod.org

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updated new feature list for dev branch.

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Seems the development branches version info resource shows 4.23.0 since some releases (explorer / file properties)…

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