When the template file (eg: default.fdt) is read only (which happens when checking it in via Perforce), FMOD Designer will not present any error messages and will corrupt a project file.

Steps to reproduce:
1. open FDP file
2. create a new template
3. save -> should save into template file, but it’s read only, so there’s no message.
4. create a new sound using that template.
5. crash.
6. restart fmod – project is now corrupt and cannot be opened.

Solution is to always check out the FDT file along with the FDP, but it would be nice if FMOD provided an error message which reminded the user to do this instead of simply corrupting the FDP file.


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I can’t reproduce this issue. Are you using the latest version of Designer (4.25.11)? Designer 4.25.10 fixed a lot of issues to do with template file saving.

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