I’m trying to understand the memory usage when fetching and playing a simple event.

Our .fev file is about 232kb, and just init’ing fmod and loading the project has memory usage sitting at around 1,154,907 bytes.

Starting an ambience stream jumps this up to 1,281,679.
Given that that is the first time that wavebank is accessed, and a stream buffer must be allocated, that also seems reasonable.

However, the next event I play is just a small sample – from a wavebank set to Load into memory, Compression: mp3.
The source file is a 14kb .wav file.

When I fetch this event and start it, the memory jumps to 1,812,851.
The wavebank is large – about 12Mb on disk – but I didn’t think that would have much (any?) bearing on the memory usage of a particular event.

Any suggestions as to why the small sample incurs such a large memory hit?


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That is probably a singleton pool of codecs being allocated.

Use FMOD_ADVANCEDSETTINGS.max*codecs (only set the ones you use) to have it allocated up front.

If this stops that getevent alloc let me know.

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