Page 153 of latest FMOD Designer manual states that an event will only be a "Simple Event" if it has ALL of these properties:

  • No parameters
  • No effects
  • No user properties
  • Only one layer
  • Only one sound (Note: the sound definition may have multiple entries)
  • No ‘programmer’ sounds

I understand the User Property will take more space in the .FEV file – that’s pretty logical, but if that’s the only difference between one simple sound and another sound event shouldn’t they both be able to go through the simple CPU code path?

Or is the difference in CPU usage so small it’s not worth worrying about?


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The simple event restrictions make sure that all simple events are the same size in memory, which means they can all share a pool of instance data if you set the sizeof_instancepool_simple member of the FMOD_EVENT_LOADINFO structure when loading the FEV. This is a major memory saving, and is the reason the simple event optimisation was introduced.

If an event has user properties, its in-memory size will be different, so it won’t be able to share the instance data pool. This is why simple events can’t have user properties.

If your event is simple apart from having user properties, the memory usage will be slightly higher (and it won’t share the simple instance pool if you have one), but the CPU usage should be very close to that of a simple event.

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