Im using FMOD in my game,
Sometimes that my FPS drop to near ~20 ,
I have some WIZZZ(I mean random noise like parasites) on my speakers!

The important note that maybe help you to detect that what is my problem is that: The noise volume is hardware dependent! This mean that in some of sound cards, the noise volume is very low and player can not hear it and in some others(especially old sound cards ) user can hear it clearly!
Seems that in new sound cards, The cards automatically try to remove the noise with reducing the noises volume.
However in both case(new or old cards) i have the noise but with different intensity.

The noise length is random, dependent to my listener velocity! but is under 100 miliseconds!

Thank you for any help.Its some weeks that the noise is suffering me!

Best Regards.

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this is usually due to placing/starting a sound channel at a position and moving it out of sequence with the call the system::Update. Similarly with the listener movement. The result is a very fast moving sound causing a realy bad "dopplered" sound.

Check your channel and listener creation and movement/positioning sequence in relation to system::Update.

I think you also have to start you channel paused, move it to it’s initial position then you unpause it… It’s been a while since I have to fidled with this bit.

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