Hi, I have a question about shutting down after setting up the audio system using one large audio pool.

hResult = FMOD::Memory_Initialize( pAllocatedData, audioPoolSize, NULL, NULL, NULL )

Now do I need to free the allocated memory, in all the demo’s it doesn’t appear to be done?

The reason I ask is I’m actually do something more along the lines of using an existing memory pool system like this.

-I have an audio pool of an arbitrary size, and it has a platform specific allocation method.
-I then take about 90% of that pool and give it to FMOD, and I use the other 10% for smaller audio related allocations ( mainly just data needed for when the sound is played ).

Now my problem is, I don’t want FMOD to release the memory, instead I want to find a point when its done with it, so I can release from my allocations. Instead if I free the buffer after shutting down FMOD, it appears that FMOD also is trying to free it because when my memory pool closes down the memory is trashed.

Non Related question: How do I link my developer account where I have access to private content to the forums so I can access the console forums?

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance
Adam Larson

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Yes you have to free your memory after fmod is finished with it. FMOD does not free it.
This is only allowed after (Event)System::release.

The phpbb forum database and fmod’s web account database are not connected. If you want console forum access just write to support@fmod.org.

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