Helllo everyone,

If i wav normal .wav like ‘test2’ i can stream it like this:

[i:2cypgcov]FSOUND_STREAM* handle;
FSOUND_Init (44100, 32, 0);

handle=FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile("media_som_teste/test2.wav",0, 0);
FSOUND_Stream_Play (0,handle);


However what i want to do, it’s something different…I have an audio file then i decompress it to an array…with value…and then o made several complicated estimations…

What i need to do is to, instead of sending the entire .wav to the stream, is to send only small blocks accord to the estimations that i’m doing…

and so the estimation are also in real time since…while the first block is playing i’m processing the next one, and the same with the next…

It’s smees like tanking this stream function in the midle…

Can anyone help me?

Thnaks in advance,


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You need to use .[url=http://www.fmod.org/docs/HTML/FSOUND_Stream_Create.html:1qj0jkn1]FSOUND_Stream_Create[/url:1qj0jkn1] to play custom & on-the-fly audio

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