I’ve looked in the FMOD docs and can’t seem to find specific documentation to the syntax, parameters, and return values of the FMOD file system calls. I would like to know more about:


etc. and how they correspond with the callbacks:


etc. Your help is appreciated. Thanks!

  • George
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Codec->fileseek and codec->fileread are members of the FMOD_CODEC_STATE struct, so looking at that in the docs you can see fileseek is FMOD_FILE_SEEKCALLBACK and fileread is FMOD_FILE_READCALLBACK. The docs contain prototype information for these functions.

The above functions are used to access raw data from an FMOD file. The codec callbacks work the same kind of way except at a higher level. So FMOD_CODEC_SETPOSITIONCALLBACK is where you manage position state for the codec, seeking the underlying file as necessary. FMOD_CODEC_READCALLBACK is where FMOD asks you to provide PCM data from your codec, so internally you read some bytes from the underlying file, decode them to PCM then return the number of bytes asked for.

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