recently i have problems with my Soundsystem/driver and wanne ask somthing. First ill post my system and will explain the sittuations ive bin through.

OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64bit Final
Soundcard: Soundbalster X-FI XtremeMusic
Motherbaord: ASUS P5QD Turbo
Situation 1[/u:5uta84d7]
System was relativ fresh and Soundcard Driver(and software) was installed via a Vista Driver CD and then upgraded to newest (driver: 2.18.0013) with the Autoupdate. Every things works fine and i installed RISEN that uses Fmodex.dll (4.24.0). Also the Sound is all fine and works.

[u:5uta84d7]Situation 2[/u:5uta84d7]
nothing changed in the soundcard driver/software
I wanted to play Crysis again and installed it, Crysis uses an old version of fmod (4.07.23) so I had problem with the sound. Know problem with versions under 4.17.02 in Vista, so in Win7 too i think (cause soundsystemin vista and 7 nearly the same!?!).
But i also got problems in Windows with the sound AND in RISEN. In Windows it was something like wrong stereo and surround sound. So while listening to music all sounds fine and all of a sudden its wrong/broken, restart of the program helps for a period of time.
In RISEN i had the same problems like in Crysis.
So i uninstalled the drivers, and Software, installed older (modded) from daniel_k -> nothing changed same problem in crysis and RISEN and Gothic (other Fmod apps).
Uninstalled the drive and software again and only downloaded the newest driver installed and didnt installed any extra software (like volumepanel). -> the problem remains. At this time i was pretty pissed and even thought my soundcard was broken.
Situation 3[/u:5uta84d7]
I gave it a last try and uninstalled every fmod-game that used an older version then 4.17.02, only RISEN left ๐Ÿ˜‰
Then i uninstalled every soundCard/Creative software again, rebooted and so. After this I installed the driver as i did on the fresh system -> Vista Driver CD + upgrading via AutoUpdate.
What do you guess? it worked, the sound was in Windows and in RISEN fine (i played RISEN over an houre and no problems came up, bevor i couldn’t play it for more then 20 min).
I was so happy!
Situation 4[/u:5uta84d7]
Today i downloaded a grafik-demo and watched it, no sound came up and i looked in the folder of the demo and found out that it used an more than just old version of fmod (fmod.dll, so maybe it is to old to work with win7/vista !?!
But the shock came some minutes later as i played RISEN. After 40 min of playing i had cracking/choppy in the sound again and even complett soundlose, like in Situatuion 2 again.
But so long no other problems in Windows.

The question that now comes up to my mind:
Does using an old Version of Fmod(older then 4.17.02), in a game or demo or what ever, influence other games/apps that use fmod? So i have problems with them?

And does it even have an effect on the sound-drive??? Cause as you red i also had problems in normal Windows apps after the first ingame problems.


PS: please excuse my maybe bad english, im only from germany ๐Ÿ˜‰

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Old versions of FMOD (before 4.17.02) had problems with WASAPI (the Vista / Win7 low level audio interface). When playing games using these old versions it is possible you will experience stuttering, while the game is running you may also experience stuttering from other audio applications. Once the game is closed everything should return to normal.

If these old games give you an option of using DirectSound instead of WASAPI for output you should choose DirectSound to fix the problem. Newer games do not have this problem.

Also FMOD3 does not have this problem, it uses DirectSound to output, if you are experiencing stuttering there it is probably due to poor hardware support. We haven’t tested FMOD3 with Vista / Win7 as it is no longer supported, but I wouldn’t expect too many issues.

Each game has it’s own version of the FMOD dlls, so I don’t see how having one problematic game installed would affect other games.

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But why did i expierenced problems only after i installed Crysis? I was playing Risen for weeks befor this and i had now problems…

It is just to strange ๐Ÿ˜•

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FMOD (for each game) is isolated to just that game, we don’t make any system changes at runtime or anything like that. There should be no way for one games use of FMOD to affect another (unless both games are running at once).

Perhaps you would have better luck checking the Crysis forums for people with similar problems. Maybe something in the Crysis installer is modifying the system causing the problem.

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Ok ill follow the problem, hope it doesnt comes back.

Anyway thanks for your time and understanding

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