Hi, im a new user to FMOD. I have an extensive music creation background but never for a gaming medium.

My question is this:

when i finish building my project, how is this then used by an audio programmer to implement it into the game? Which files would the need to access to add the sounds, or changes to sounds into the game?


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Hi Metilhed, welcome to the forums.

There are two types of files output from Designer which the programmers need:
.fev – FMOD Event Project, this contains the meta-data like events, music cues, reverb difinitions etc.
.fsb – FMOD SoundBank, this contains the encoded sound data

other files that Designer produces:
.txt – Programmer report, this tells the programmers the names of the events, music cues, etc.
.h – C header, this contains the same information as the programmer reprort but it is in the form of a code file the programmer can easily put straight into their code to reference the events easily.
.lst – This is a file containing a list of source files which can be used to create the .fsb files manually using our FSBank Tool or FSBank programmer library to easily integrate into a custom tool set.


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