Hello all,

if there is a soundcard with:
[list:2tylj216]- multiple input "channels" (i.e. physical chords plugged into the device)
– one outgoing signal that is "built" from those input channels
[/list:u:2tylj216]can FMOD be used to:
1. determine from that signal that it is made up out of different "channels"
2. analyse each channel independently and get properties of the signal on a "per channel" basis

(It might be that "channel" in my question is not the same thing as what FMOD refers to as a channel — I am not sure, however: feedback on that is appreciated as well!)

Thank you!

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Hi acgrama,

I’m not entirely sure what you’re after but if you’re just wanting to record from multiple inputs and analyse/playback those then FMOD should be able to do what you want. An easy way to find out is plug all the devices into your sound card and run the recording example that ships with the API. If you can see all your devices in the "choose record device" section then FMOD can record from those devices.


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