Subject : Fmod + unreal : interior / exterior sound – AmbientZone + soundMode and soundClasses


have anybody experience with unrealengine3 and fmod?

We are switching to fmod from unrealeditor sound engine. I have few questions about how achieve unreal sound functions in fmod :

in unreal there is a system for interior/exterior sound : sounddesigner can define volume (geometry) and can parameter how sounds are perceipt inside/outside this volume (reverb type, exterior volume, exterior time, exterior LPF, exterior LPF time, interior volume, interior time, interior LPF, interior LPF time)

can we do that in fmoddesigner?

An other function in unreal is to define a "soundclass" to each event (or attach each event to a "soundgroup") (for ex : Sfx, voice, music) and and user can defined a "soundmode", it’s a global parameter to apply efx (volume, pitch and filter) to all event of the soundgroup/soundclasses

how achieve that in fmod?



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Hi Sylvian,

Those are some very good questions, and I would happily answer them, but due to NDAs it’s probably better to do so via email. Could you please email support@fmod.org.


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