thanks to [url:1zg6przq]http://www.fmod.org/wiki/index.php5?title=Using_FMOD_with_VB.Net[/url:1zg6przq] I could use fmod with Visual Basic .NET and Windows 7 RC (Release Candidate).

But now with the final realeas of Windows 7 this seems not to be working anymore! I tested my VB projects both in Win 7 RC and "final" Win 7 today: It worked fine with the rc, but caused an exception when running on the final Win7 version.

Anyone here who had the same problem? Is there any known solution?

[color=Yellow:1zg6przq][b:1zg6przq]/e: Ok, my mistake: I used the 32bit version of fmodex.dll, but obviously I am forced to use the 64bit-dll on win7 64bit. Now it’s working again![/b:1zg6przq][/color:1zg6przq]

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