Copied from steam forum, maybe here i’ll have some help or explanation

Hello guys,

I’ve got 2 computers, one with core2duo 3000mhz and another one with c2d ulv 1700mhz, both have 2 cores. Also both uses realtek as soundcard. Both computers packed with latest sound driver.

One is my desktop and another one is my laptop alienware m11x

And both have some crackin stuttering sounds in some games that use FMOD sound technology. 2 examples:


But, this technology is also used in mafia 2, so here it is:
(i was sitting in car looking on ship in port, but it doesn’t matter, same happens when i ride through town)
Listen carefully especially after 00:09

So, 2 questions, anyone faces same sound problem? And what’s the solution?

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Hi vorob,

I have not seen that issue before or heard of anyone else experiencing it. Is the problem the same on both platforms or different? If they’re different it is probably two different problems. The mafia2 glitch sounds like game is putting too much load on the CPU, can you try opening the Windows Task Manager and see if the CPU value is high at that point and also if it spikes when the sound glitches.

While we test our software on a variety of platforms, we have not tested on the Alienware m11x. We have tested FMOD on a variety of core2duo machines using realtek sound with no issues.

This forum is for developers using FMOD so it’s unlikely that anyone here will be able to shed any light on this. You will probably have better luck on Bioshock, Crysis, Mafia2 and Alienware support or forums.

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