Hello all,
I am playing with FMOD Designer for almost one year for designing my sounds and interactive music. I am pretty much comfortable with FMOD Designer. Now I want to use FMOD for iPhone and iPad applicatinos. I have a couple of questions;
1-) After building my project in FMOD Designer, could I use my .fev and .fsb files in an iPhone project ?
2-) If yes how can I call my sounds, parameters or music in an iPhone project?
3-) If I cannot use my .fev file in iPhone project what is way of using the parameters that I created in FMOD Designer?

I have tried http://www.engineaudio.com/fmodiphoneapp this iPhone simulator but I could not figure out how it reads my .fev files.

I am sorry if this is a too basic or silly question but I could not find any documentation about this subject. Any comment, documentation or tip is highly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


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Yes you can use your FEVs on the iPhone.

We provide a suite of examples in the fmoddesignerapi directory of the FMODEx SDK.

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