Hi all –

I’m currently writing a small BASIC interpreter, and have decided to add sound support. The interpreter is written in Delphi 2009, and ports to linux via lazarus. To that end, what I need is:

  1. An open-source sound API that is compatible with my development environment and portable between win32 and linux
  2. Able to play sound samples from a buffer that I create at the rate and bitdepth I specify. The data will probably be raw PCM.
  3. I’d like to expose the samples played to the user via a "memory bank" structure in the BASIC interpreter, so they can modify the samples
  4. Be able to play music from MP3/MOD/S3M/XM/IT etc either from memory or streaming from disk.

I’ve been looking hard at the FMOD 3.75 API documentation and it appears that it almost meets my requirements – but that if the user loads raw PCM to a memory bank, FMOD will create a second copy in memory of that data before playing – thus removing the ability to modify the sound source on the fly.

Am I mistaken? Or can anyone suggest another API that meets my needs?
I understand that Delphi FMOD EX is no longer supported, so I must use 3.75.



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