Hi guys.

I have some strange thing going on.
When I call createDSP on PC – everything works fine, FMOD_OK is returned and DSP is created. But exact same code running on PS3 results in FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN return value and, of course, no DSP.

Code looks like that

MemZero( &dspDescriptor, sizeof( dspDescriptor ) );
dspDescriptor.create = fmod_dsp_create;
StrCopy( dspDescriptor.name, 31, "DSP unit" );
dspDescriptor.read = fmod_dsp_read;
dspDescriptor.release = fmod_dsp_release;
dspDescriptor.reset = fmod_dsp_reset;
dspDescriptor.userdata = dsp;

dspDescriptor.channels = 0;
dspDescriptor.numparameters = 0;
dspDescriptor.version = 1000;

FMOD_RESULT res = g_fmodSystem->createDSP( &dspDescriptor, &fmodDSP );


So there is nothing special. And it works on PC.
But fmod_dsp_create doesn’t even called on PS3.
Any heads-up how to determine why is FMOD_ERR_PLUGIN happens?
I’ve googled for hours and find absolutely nothing helpful.

define FMOD_VERSION 0x00042809

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You should ask your console questions in the console section of the forum (email FMOD support with your forum username and they’ll hook you up).

Take a look at the documentation that comes with FMOD with respect to the DSP plugins, and at the DSP plugins that come with FMOD. Plugins run on the SPUs, so you need to do special setup to make them work.

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Hi Dark, welcome to the FMOD forums!

Adiss is right, both about using the Console forums for this stuff, and that mixer (and all DSPs) run on the SPU. Email support@fmod.org to get access, we can guide you further from there.

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