Hi —

I just installed the FMOD programmers API for IPhone 4.33.06.

When trying to run the pitchdetection example, I get the following error:
error: There is no SDK with the name or path ‘iphoneos4.1’

I suspect the problem has to do with a setting in common.xcconfig:
SDKROOT = iphoneos4.1

Is that the issue? If not, any ideas? If so, what should the setting of SDKROOT be?

Also, do any of the examples demonstrate how to read/playback midifile?

Finally, if there is available documentation that would answer such basic questions can you please direct me to it?


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You should always use the latest SDKROOT available, in this case 4.2. In fact it is now possible in Xcode to instruct it to do just that. I will be changing the common.xcconfig for our next release to have "SDKROOT = iphoneos" which will always point to the latest installed SDK. For now you could make a similar change or override the setting in the project properties.

There are no examples for how to play MIDI but it is fairly similar to playback of most files except you need to tell it where the DLS file is (this file contains all the sound data). You do this by passing in a CREATESOUNDEXINFO struct correctly setting the cbsize and dlsname members, everything else memset to zero. Since the iPhone doesn’t natively have a DLS you will need to provide one.

Finally there is documentation, check fmodex.chm in the docs directory, I recommend iCHM.app to read the file.

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