Hi. I told you there was an mp3 question brewing.

Basicly, a friend and I have this game virtually finished. We have used DX for most of it, but I want to try Fmod for the sounds (It supports mp3, and we have a wonderful mp3 that we want to use when the program starts, and Directmusic doesn’t support mp3. Directshow does, but Directshow would ruin our event handling).

I am sorry, but I cannot follow the samples included with Fmod when it comes to streaming. (I have absolutely no idea when it comes to sound and music:)).

Can anybody help me with a few lines of code that would load up an mp3 (called Cube.mp3 in C:GameSound) and play it, which I could slip into my program. With that as a starting point and the fmod docs, I can then handle the rest of it myself, cleaning up etc.

I know this is a big request, (and it isn’t a biggy if no-one can help) but I would be grateful.

Infact, it might be an idea for someone to write a tutorial doing what I suggest, because the people who recomended the fmod libraries to me all used them because of their mp3 handling ability. Pity there is none of them around now :smile:

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