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we are creating an advanced audio processing plugin for fmod and I have two question regarding plugin creation:

[:fkwv0yrk] Our plugin needs some additional information from the user when it is created. Think of this data as parameters that can’t be changed in real time after the plugin was created. The plugin will allocate buffers/… using this data. However, there isn’t really a way to do this. We condidered using the set/getUserData functions, but those can’t be used at FMOD_DSP_CREATECALLBACK, because the caller (i.e. the plugin host) has no control over the FMOD_DSP instance that is created. Another possibility would be to create an additional "initialize" function in our DLL and call that, but then we can’t use FMOD_DSP_STATE.plugindata for allocation of a memory chunk, which seems like a bad idea… We could create the plugin via createDSP instead of createDSPByPlugin, but then we would have to dynamically load our own DLL, which we would rather have FMOD do.[/:m:fkwv0yrk]
[:fkwv0yrk] Our plugin needs to know the (maximum?) buffersize and samplerate at which it will be processing. It needs to know this information at creation time. Am I correct in assuming that I can get this data from System::getDSPBufferSize and System::getSoftwareFormat?[/:m:fkwv0yrk][/list:u:fkwv0yrk]

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