I keep running into this weird error when exporting my project:

"The following errors and warnings were detected:
Error processing C:_project\Fatburger\Raw_Audio\fighter vo\dante\heavy breathing\01.wav:
An operating system based file error was encountered."

I’m curious as to what might be triggering this and what I can do to avoid it. I’ve had this issue ever since we upgraded to 4.32.07. I was able to get around it by completely scrapping and rebuilding the project but that’s not a viable solution everytime I need to export. I get this for all platforms I build (PS3, X360, PC). The files in question are standard 16-bit, 44.1 WAVs that are definitely in their appropriate folders

Just want to see if there’s any clarification on what is causing the issue and how I can avoid it. Thanks!

Ver: 4.32.07
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC, X360, PS3

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Doing a project rebuild yields the same error actually. I wonder if the issue lies with FMOD temp/cache files? One thing I did differently since the upgrade to 4.32.07 was to remove all temp files from source control in Perforce because the number of temp/caching files used by FMOD went up by a huge number compared to version 4.28 (Ithink from 50 or so files to thousands of files).

The only way I can get my project to build now is by manually deleting temp files as well as FSBs and then exporting with designer.

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