I recently switched my game engine over to fmod from XACT. Now, when playing certain .wav file sounds, I hear an audible "pop" or "crackle" when the sound finishes playing. This seems to always happen on sounds that don’t "fade out" (i.e. the wave form does not go back to silence at the end of the file). I’m guessing that the solution is to alter the files so that they don’t end abruptly and/or fade out the volume of the sounds before they finish playing. This pop/crackle didn’t occur with XACT, so I’d like to better understand why it’s happening now. Is this just an idiosyncratic difference between the audio engines? Or something to do with sound hardware? Is there anyway to prevent it short of altering the .wav file or applying a fader in code?

Here’s an example sound that exhibits this "crackling" when played back using a simple fmod Sound:

Thanks in advance for any insight!

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