Anyone knows if that’s possisble to have the volume shift to a event?
Actually the better is to have a special event or layer of volume shift.
For example: the player is moving from Zone A to Zone B and then to Zone C.
When he’s in Zone B, we can hear both Amb sound of Zone A and C. But
both of the Amb sound of them shall be reduced or shift(for instance 6dB).
Mean that, when the player is in Zone B, the Amb sound of Zone A will
be reduced to 50% and the Amb sound of Zone C will be started
and the volume will be upper to at 50%. After entering Zone C, the Zone A’s amb
is stopped and the Zone C amb will be increased to 100%.

anyone knows how to make it possible in FMOD?

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There is no in built mechanism in FMOD Designer to acheive the described behaviour, but our API is very open and it would be quite easy to do something like this using the programmer API.

Edit: It’s also worth mentioning that FMOD comes with a power geometry based occlusion system which might be useful for this purpose.

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