I’ve got a beta tester who is using a casio E-125

he gets this error when I am initializing fmod “”Error initializing output device”

I am using version 3.61 of fmod (got if from these forums) and it seems to work fine on arm…

I am calling init like this

if (!FSOUND_Init(41000, 32, 0))
// Error initialising sound
WCHAR ws[256];
MultiByteToWideChar(CP_ACP, 0, FMOD_ErrorString(FSOUND_GetError()), -1, ws, 256);

    MessageBoxW(NULL, ws, L"Error", MB_ICONERROR);
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looks like it works when I pass in 22050 instead of 44100

I thought from other threads that this was fixed in 3.61 but it doesn’t seem to be…

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