Hi, I’m sorry for this rather simple question I’m having (since I’m sure the solution is very simple), but I can’t get this to work:

I have a 3 cues set up, each with one musical theme: theme 1, a stinger, and theme 2. I want to start with theme 1, and when I switch to theme 2, I want the stinger to play at the same time. I have tried a bunch of different ways,but when I use the audition console, the results are one of two outcomes: stinger plays by itself before transitioning to 2, or stinger is simply skipped altogether.

Here are some examples of what I’ve tried:
a) when targeting theme 2, I link 1 to the stinger, then the stinger into 2–but when I trigger 2, it skips the stinger, even though the stinger’s theme is set to concurrent, and I have it sharing a timeline with 2.
b) I tried setting up a parameter to control the transitions: when >=2, go to stinger (on beat). Then the same parameter is set up for the stinger: when >=2, go to 2 (on beat). Again, the stinger is set to concurrent. When played, and the parameter goes to 2, only the stinger is played.
c) I tried the same parameter, this time going from 1 to the stinger and 2 simultaneously. When the parameter = 2, only the stinger plays.
I’ve tried a bunch of different ways, but I can’t get the stinger and theme 2 to play at the same time. I suppose a workaround would be to have 2 versions of theme 2, one with the stinger that plays once, then one without the stinger that will loop, but there has to be a simpler way, and I’m not seeing it. And, I’ve gone through all the tutorials multiple times, and haven’t been able to accomplish what I’ve wanted to.

Sorry again for being such a newbie! 😳

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