I’ve got the situation where I’m playing 3D sound on 5 speakers of a 7 speaker system, and want to get a mono downmix of that output from one of the remaining speaker(and low pass filtered). My 3D sound is set up in FMOD designer (using the standard vehicle engine sound setup) and I was thinking I could take the output from the channelgroup of that Event, send it to a low pass filter DSP, then get the channels summed or otherwise downmixed to a 2D sound and sent to a specific output using ChannelGroup::OverrideSpeakerMix()

However I can’t see a way to get the crucial downmix from the 3D sound out of the Event down to a 2D sound, so my low pass filtered version always appears on exactly the same channels as the original sound, rather than the single channel I require.

Here’s the kind of setup I’m working with at the moment
The low pass branch is set up as a 2D multitrack event in FMOD designer with no actual wavetable sound, and I’m creating the connection from the engine channel group to that manually after loading the .fev file

Is there a way to achieve this in FMOD? Can anyone describe the kind of DSP network I’d need to set up to make this happen? Or would it be easier to make the original sound a 2D event, then 3d-ify that sound after it’s been split off for the low pass filter?

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