Hi. I am trying to get increased timing accuracy for an mp3 stream and have been trying to follow this thread: [url:28ls8127]http://www.fmod.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=7&t=14307&hilit=getPosition[/url:28ls8127]

I am almost there but for whatever reason (and I am new to fmod) my callback is not being fired so I figure I must not be creating and/or adding my dsp correctly.

Here is my code to create the dsp:

[code:28ls8127]FMOD_DSP_DESCRIPTION desc;
memset(&desc, 0, sizeof(desc));
strcpy(desc.name, "dspTimer");
desc.read = dspTimerReadCallback;
desc.userdata = (void*)this;

FMOD::DSP * dsp;
_system->createDSP(&desc, &dsp);

FMOD::DSP * dspHead;

// I have tried both of these thinking I am not adding it correctly; either way did not work
dspHead->addInput((FMOD::DSP*)_dspTimerHandle, NULL);
//dsp->addInput(dspHead, NULL);

If I use addDSP off the System object then my callback is called but according to brett’s post in that link above he says it would be better to use a dangling dsp node so the input buffer does not need to be copied to the output buffer.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Silly me, it was just a matter of making my DSP set to active.

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Hi mirswith, welcome to the FMOD Forums. I’m glad to hear you solved your problem, that’s the easiest kind of support for us! :)

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