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In Designer 2010’s tooltips and status bar text, the effects of the ‘Quality’ and ‘Sample Rate’ bank entry properties are not concisely documented for all sound file formats.

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The quality for MP2 and MP3 format sounds actually translates to bitrate, where bitrate is equal to 3.2 times the Quality property. For example, if quality is set to 50, the bitrate is 160.
The ‘Optimize sample rate’ setting resamples the source data to the lowest sample rate that doesn’t cause a degradation of sound quality. This is applicable to certain output formats (such as PCM or ADPCM), but doesn’t apply to MP2 or MP3, since the input sample rate is irrelevant in those formats, and the quality is instead set as final bitrate.

The bank properties of quality and sample rate are described on pages 156 and 157 of the Designer 2010 manual.

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