[b:3fi9zptx]Detailed description:[/b:3fi9zptx]
UE3 integration will likely be required by any project using both the Unreal Engine and FMOD.

[b:3fi9zptx]Solution 1:[/b:3fi9zptx]
1. Upgrade to a newer version of FMOD (or downgrade to an older release of UE3).
Firelight Technologies tries to ensure that FMOD supports all releases of UE3 from January 2010 to the present. Since FMOD and UE3 are both being developed at the same time, some older versions of FMOD may have issues with newer versions of UE3. In addition, unexpected hiccups in the development process may occasionally result in a slight delay before a particular UE3 release is fully supported. In either case, upgrading to a later version of FMOD or adopting an earlier release of UE3 should solve the problem.

FMOD version 4.30 only supports UE3 releases up to July 2010.

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