[b:3n6kwm50]Detailed description:[/b:3n6kwm50]
Under certain circumstances, .mp3 files that play perfectly in Designer’s Sound Defs View will completely fail to play through the interactive music system.

[b:3n6kwm50]Solution 1:[/b:3n6kwm50]
1. Upgrade to a version of FMOD Designer 2010 released after the 12th of October, 2010, i.e.: development version 4.33.04 and later, or stable version 4.32.04 and later.
The music system used to load MP3s in a way that would fail if there was excessive tag data at the start. Later versions fixed this issue.

[b:3n6kwm50]Solution 2:[/b:3n6kwm50]
1. Use .mp3s with smaller amounts of tag data.

(There is no known-to-be-relevant example, tutorial or documentation for this issue.)

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