I’m playing with the included sample apps before incorporating FMOD into product code, and I’m experiencing a serious problem. The FMOD sample app has a 500ms lag between the time I click any buttons and when they take effect. For example, load up a sound (FSOUND, not FMUSIC). Click play and there is a half-second delay before it starts playing. Click stop and the same lag occurs. I added a control to call FSOUND_SetFrequency, and again, it takes ~500ms to take effect.

Interestingly, changing the FSOUND_2D flag to FSOUND_HW2D in the FSOUND_Stream_OpenFile call eliminates this latency! However, changing it to FSOUND_HW3D makes it reappear. This holds true for samples as well, not just streams.

To make matters stranger, the included 3D sample app exhibits this same latency when opening samples with FSOUND_2D, but both FSOUND_HW2D [b:256ze1hk][i:256ze1hk]and FSOUND_HW3D[/b:256ze1hk][/i:256ze1hk] work fine! I can’t see any reason why the FSOUND_HW3D flag would cause the lag in one app (FMOD) and not in the other (3D).

This is a serious problem. If I can’t get rid of that 500ms lag, FMOD will be completely unuseable for me. Does anyone know why this problem exists, and what I can do to eliminate it?


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Well i also have that problem when i set the buffer.

When i let it default (50ms it plays well)

But after > 100ms the player gets more time response lag.

I use:
Windows 2000 SP3 Without IE and Outlook so lots resources free
DirectX 8.1
Soundcards with latest drivers + support for ASIO (VIA Envy24 chipset):
– Terratec EWX 24/96
– DMX 6 Fire LT
512 MB DDR 333
Pentium 4, 2.53

And when i set the _HW* i can’t use DSP_CallBack

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