I create DSP by System::createDSPByType() and play it by ChannelGroup::addDSP() so it currently works
but I’ve got a problem when I try fade It.

I want to modify volume(or intensity, whatever) of DSP but I can’t found any attributes about it.

How can I fade DSP ?

Best regards.

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Hi busyerion, welcome to the FMOD Forum!

If by ‘fade a DSP’ you want to adjust the wet/dry mix of the DSP effect, you can do this by creating a second signal path and cross fading the two.

  1. Get the output and input to the DSP, store one of those DSPConnections to control the ‘wet’ level.
  2. Connect the two directly to create the ‘dry’ path, hold on to the DSPConnection that is created to control the ‘dry’ level.
  3. Cross fade between the two DSPConnections to ‘fade the DSP’
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