On the Mac version of our game, the music events plays correctly only about half the time. It’s pretty much the same code as our iOS version which doesn’t have this issue.

We first get the event and then call the start function on the event with everything returning an OK status.

In our update function, we use event->getState to see what’s going on:
– At startup, when the menu music is not playing, we get FMOD_EVENT_STATE_PLAYING
– In game, when the game music is not playing, we get FMOD_EVENT_STATE_LOADING & FMOD_EVENT_STATE_PLAYING
– When it’s menu/game music is working, we get FMOD_EVENT_STATE_PLAYING & FMOD_EVENT_STATE_CHANNELSACTIVE

– If the menu music doesn’t play at startup, it usually will play once we go in game then come back to the menu.
– When the game music is working, it works all the time.
– When the game music is NOT working, it never works even when we go back to the menu and reenter the game.

I think the team responsible for the our PC version has the same problem of the music only working about half the time.

Any suggestions on what to check or what could be the problem?

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The problem seems to have been fixed.

We moved the menuMusic->start() call to the same thread as the eventsystem->update() and also after the first call to the eventsystem->update().

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