Hi guys,
I’m pretty convinced, in fact I’m 99% sure that this is an issue with Cryengine 3 and not FMOD. But we’re currently using Cryengine 3 on our studios latest project and keep running into this bug (pasted from our forum post)

[quote:sdqb4rhq]Hey guys,
We’re a group of developers using CE3 for our next title and we keep running into this bug which is halting sound development.

It seems to happen for any custom sound content created. Basically the engine will be quite happy to play the triggered sound one moment, then the next it’ll spit out
" [Error] <Sound> Create sound failed – Invalid Buffer! Does file exist? "

We’re using all the tools provided with the devkit. The correct FMOD version etc.

Please help![/quote:sdqb4rhq]

Then received a reply asking for more info on how to reproduce and gave the following answer –

[quote:sdqb4rhq]Literally everything, and it’s happening to the whole team.

It will happen to footsteps that are called, physics sounds that are called. We’ve built a custom music system and it happens to that, and the ambiance as well. We can’t recreate it because it happens so randomly and have no idea why. (btw this issue began as soon as we got the SDK, not just after our music system was built). The documentation is quite lacking in specifics when it comes to audio.

It can’t be any of the reasons you listed because at times they play fine, then others they don’t. That string is the only error we get, nothing else. Is there something we’re missing with our FMOD build settings? It would be okay if it chose not to play at all because then we’d know it was an issue our end. But the fact is it’s happening to multiple team members who are using the same instance of FMOD and settings supplied.

Thanks for the support and speedy response though,

EDIT: Just pulled up an error to paste in –

<Sound> Sound-FmodEx-AudioDevice Thread created: FMOD nonblocking thread (1) (1920)
Compile Hair@Common_SG_VS(RT800000040100)(MDV800)(VS) (38 instructions, 6/11 constants) …
[Error] <Sound> Create sound failed – Invalid Buffer! Does file exist?

That’s what the engine spits out.[/quote:sdqb4rhq]

Anyway, if anyone has any ideas or has run into this issue before, then any tips are greatly appreciated!

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Hi samueljustice, welcome to the FMOD Forum.

It’s hard to diagnose from that description but it may be worth linking to the logging version FMOD. Then you can go through the log file and look for any unusual errors or warnings.

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