Okay okay okay…..here is a better idea i thinks. Keep in mind “Space RTS”. Well use an invisible ship in space which i will refer to from here on out as “Ghost Ship”. This ghost ship is the point where the camera is located. Now earlier the problem was playing many of the same sounds looped, as engine sounds. Okay, i scraped that idea…Now for the better, new and improved idea….I think. We now set the ship that the “Ghost Ship” is looking at, as the listerner position. and we set the sound, at the postion of the ghost ship. This way, when you get closer to the ship your looking at, you can hear the hum of the engine, zoom out, you dont hear as much, cool huh? this way all you have to do is move the listeners postion instead of stoping the sound. Less channels being used, means more SFX. Okay, here we go. The sound works all fine at the orginal postion that the ghost ship is looking at. now if you refocus the “The Ghost Ship” to a different ship, the camera pans over to the new target. Gosh i really hope this is making sense. Okay so sound gets louder as it gets closer, the doppler effect even works. but once you are full blow on the target, the sound starts fine, but then the sound starts to decrease in volume untill the sound can’t be heard anymore. Now after testing, returning to the original target everything is good again. go back, same thing goes on again. If someone wants my sorce or take a look at how im doing thing in case my little epic here isnt helpful. Sorry havent sleep much lately. This is a student project that a lot of work has gone into, and we are trying our best. So any help would be apperciated, thanks FMOD!

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