Hello Everyone,

I have a couple of questions regarding the use of FMOD in Unity3D, and/or on iOS.

First let me say I have done a bit of research and found the free DLL plugin over at http://www.squaretangle.com/FMODUnity.html
Though with that plugin, it cannot function on iOS from within Unity due to being an external library and the process that Unity uses to bring those in. (at least as far as I know)

My big thing here is that I know I’ve heard of people using FMOD on iOS, and I’ve seen it used in Unity3D on Non-Mobile devices.

How can I get FMOD to function on iOS, in a game that is created in Unity3D?

Any links to tutorials/guides, or help is very much appreciated.

Keith Brewer
Lead Programmer at Cerulean Games, Inc.

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Hi Keith, welcome to the FMOD Forum!

For iOS we provide a native code static library. I’m not entirely sure what kinds of plugins are supported by Unity. I have not heard of anyone using FMOD with Unity on iOS, I was under the impression that it is not possible. I think your best bet is to try to contact Unity support. It is my understand that Unity generates an XCode project and that you can link to native code, if that is the case then it may be possible. However there is also the issue that Unity already links to FMOD internally so you may get issues with duplicate symbols.

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