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In Designer 2010’s event property sheet, the function and purpose of the ‘3D Auto Distance Filtering’ and ‘3D Auto Distance Center Freq’ properties are not made entirely clear.

[b:3k1klgs2]Solution 1:[/b:3k1klgs2]
1. Read on.
The 3D Auto Distance properties are designed to simulate the effect of air absorbtion on different frequencies of sound at distance. That said, it is not terribly realistic, having been designed more for dramatic effect than for factual accuracy.
It does this by using a combination of highpass and lowpass filtering to create an effective bandpass. At the 3D Min Distance, the bandpass is at its full width of 0 to 22k, but converges on the center freqency specified in the ‘3D Auto Distance Center Freq’ property as distance increases to the 3D Max Distance.
Note that while the rate of 3D Distance Filtering depends on the ‘3D Min DIstance’ and ‘3D Max DIstance’ properties, the rate of 3D Distance Filtering is not affected by the same rolloff type used by volume attenuation. Instead, it converges more rapidly at the ‘3D Min Distance’ end of the scale. If you want to use different rates of change, you will have to manaully create highpass and lowpass automation curves to suit your needs.

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