[b:bph18tdo]Detailed description:[/b:bph18tdo]
While a Designer 2010 project is expected to increase in size as it is developed, under rare circumstances an .fdp can double in size every time it is saved. This should not happen.

[b:bph18tdo]Solution 1:[/b:bph18tdo]
1. In Designer 2010, open your project.
2. From the Window menu, select the ‘Project Properties’ menu item.
3. In the ‘Project Properties’ window, if the ‘Template File’ property value is set to a file format other than template (.fdt), clear it.
Only .fdt files should be used as templates. While some other FMOD file formats may appear to work, they can in some circumstances result in bugs.
In particular, setting a project file to be its own template file will result in all project contents being duplicated each time the project is saved.

There is no known-to-be-relevant examples, tutorials or documantation on this issue.

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