When the FMOD mixer thread does an allocation and it fails, it is almost impossible to recover from this gracefully (because of the threaded nature of the system, there is no function to return an error from), and sounds would start to drop out. Because we think this is fatal, and leads to subtle or not so subtle audio bugs – the mixer now emits a pulsating sine wave noise to tell you it is out of memory.

It also generates a callback FMOD_SYSTEM_CALLBACKTYPE_MEMORYALLOCATIONFAILED via System::setCallback.

It also periodically logs a message via the tty or log file to say the mixer has failed

This behaviour only occurs in FMOD 4.42 and upwards.

[b:34xa0yy3]to avoid this sound, use [/b:34xa0yy3]


define FMOD_INIT_REVERB_PREALLOCBUFFERS 0x00000040 /* All platforms – FMOD Software reverb will preallocate enough buffers for reverb per channel, rather than allocating them and freeing them at runtime. */


This will avoid allocs happening in the mixer, therefore avoiding the out of memory sound.

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