Hi everyone,
I’m new to FMOD although I have worked with audio for many years. I have recently recorded a substantial amount of car SFX and I am currently in the process of trying to use the steady RPM recordings (made at 500rpm intervals) with the FMOD Engine Designer tool.

I have created a multi-track event including 4 tracks (Two Engine tracks and Two exhaust tracks) with two active parameters – Load and RPM. Here is a screenshot from FMOD..

In general it seems to be working fine but there are two issues:

1) There seem to be some phase issues as I move between a few of the different recordings (particularly the higher RPM recordings). I have tried adjusting the fades, but it still sounds a little strange (like the car is going through a tunnel) sometimes.

2) When I move faster through the RPMS (to trigger the switch between on-load and off-load recordings) I notice a more pronounced change in the levels – presumably because the fades are now effectively shorter.

I was wondering any with FMOD experience could suggest how best to deal with these issues.
Thanks in advance,

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Can anyone tell me if the phase issue is avoidable?

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