Hi! While preparing a DLL-import for PureBasic (Win), I didn’t find 😮 any description of the following functions – which are implemented in the DLL – in the FMOD-HELP:


Is it possible to get a description of them, too?
Or is it useless, ’cause they don’t work or are used just intern, or something like this?

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Maybe they are kept for compatibility with previous versions of fmod

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These functions would be truly usefull if they could be used on any type of file (so you can process .ogg files also)

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hmmmm. Decoding mp3-files sounds very good. This is a standard-feature of an audioprogam in these times, and I would be lucky, if I could implement it without the exactly knowledge of the MP3-algorithm.
Of course, MP3-encoding would be very nice, too, not to forget de- & encoding Ogg-files – ’cause I could imagine, that Ogg not MP3 is the future.

So where’s the reason to hide these functions?
OK – FMOD is a realtime-Sound-DLL, not an algorithm-bib, but I feel, I’m desperate, too… 😆

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