It appears that any non-parametric DSP applied to a sound in an event (highpass, lowpass, flange) don’t have an effect on the signal that goes into the reverb unit.

I tested it by simply creating a white noise generator (also tested it with a white noise wave loop), adding that to an event, adding Highpass and Lowpass DSPs to that event (also tried HP/LP Simple, Occlusion, Flange, Tremolo) and only listening to the reverb wet signal (event’s Reverb Dry Level = -60dB).

Yes… none of the DSP have any effect on what you hear through the reverb. Sounds like the sound is sent to the reverb before the DSP are applied.

Parameter-only DSPs (pitch, volume, spawn intensity, pan, etc) work normally, they affect the wet reverb signal.

[url=http://www.fmod.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=8&t=11036&p=40264:5bee9p3n]Restarting FMOD Designer[/url:5bee9p3n] did not help.

Is this intended? It quite seems like a bug to me.

FMOD Designer version: 4.38.03

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